Engaging worship. Smiling faces. A challenging message from God’s Word.

We invite you and your family to come as you are and join us with an open heart ready to receive God. Enjoy a time of fellow-shipping, relationship building, and learning before, during, and after services. With open arms we welcome you to our services.


Should I bring my Bible?

We encourage you to bring your Bible in whatever format is most comfortable for you. Many of us  read scriptures from our smartphone mobile device. Others prefer to bring their actual bibles and notebooks to take notes. We also display scriptures on the overhead screens.


What should I wear?

Some wear dress pants and button down shirts, others wear blue jeans. We want you to be at ease and encourage you to wear whatever is most comfortable for you.


What is the worship like?

In all things we do we seek to honor God. (1 Corinthians 10:31) This is particularly something we earnestly attempt to accomplish through our worship. We enjoy a blending of contemporary Christian and classic hymns. Above worship styles we want to worship in such a way that Jesus smiles down on us.


Do you have Student and Children’s Ministries?

Yes. We have our high school youth group located in the “Fillin’ Station” across the road from our Worship center. We also have Sunday school classes offered for all ages. We also offer an AWANAs program on Wednesday night.


What do you provide for children?

In addition to our Sunday school classes that meet before our worship services on Sunday morning, we have a Sunbeams class for small children, Galileans for young men and GMA (Girl’s Missionary Auxiliary) for young ladies that meet on Sunday nights. We also have a nursery available for Sunday morning service.

Does Rosewood Baptist Church receive an offering?

Yes. We have a special time set aside in our service to take up offering. If you wish to designate an offering to a certain mission or certain cause please just let us know. When you give an offering, approximately fifty percent of it will automatically go to missions. See more about what missions we support on our “WHO WE SUPPORT” page here.